Huge Fluffy Dog Senses Danger And Immediately Goes In To Rescue His Best Friend

I am lucky to have friends that I love deeply and can rely on. I’ve got old friends who I’ve known since I was a child, and I’ve got new friends that I’ve made as an adult. I have friends from high school, friends I’ve made while traveling and living in different countries, friends of friends who became my friends, and so on. While they are all special in their different ways, we’ve been able to touch each other’s lives for the better. We’ve gotten into some funny predicaments over the years, but one thing is for certain, we’ve always helped each other out. We’ve always managed to be there for one another in tough times, after all, isn’t that what friends are for?

While there are many signs of a solid friendship, being there to lend a hand or show up when needed are both pretty crucial. This Newfoundland dog knows what’s up!

In this heartwarming video, mom’s got her camera while out for a sunny day on the beach. Her little daughter is swimming in the shallow waters with their massive pet, a Newfoundland dog. These floppy fluff balls are big slush buckets. They don’t like being alone and are very sociable creatures. They are good-natured but can be a bit clumsy and have a wildly independent streak. They’re excellent companions and make really good family dogs, as seen in this sweet video.

While the little girl and big dog are frolicking in the water, the pup looks on as she splashes around. Everything is fine, and he’s standing in as her lifeguard, when all of a sudden, a wave comes in. It’s not a big wave, but it’s enough to catch her off guard and knock her down for a few seconds. She’s ok, still laughing, but the dog isn’t having it. With her safety in mind, the big fluff ball decides he’s had enough and grabs her by the tuft of her t-shirt. Then, he slowly, but carefully, drags her out of the water. The girl is in hysterics laughing, but her friend isn’t very pleased. He doesn’t want to stick around to see what could happen next if another wave was to come up again. No sir. He wants to make sure she’s safe and sound. Now, that’s a good friend!

Click below to watch this worry wart of a dog look out for his favorite human.


Mom, 98, Moves Into Nursing Home To Look After 80-Year-Old Son Because “You Never Stop Being A Mum”

No one understands this more than Ada Keating of Liverpool, England. Even at 96-years-old, she still hasn’t stopped being a mum to her children. Her 80-year-old son, Tom, recently moved into an assisted living facility and shortly after, Ada, who was once a nurse, moved in as well—to care for her son. The two are very happy with the arrangement and love being able to spend as much time together as possible.

“I say goodnight to Tom in his room every night, and I’ll go and say good morning to him,” Ada said. “When I go out to the hairdressers he’ll look for me to see when I’m coming back. When I get back, he’ll come to me with his arms outstretched and give me a big hug.”

The manager of the care facility commented on the unique situation: “It’s very touching to see the close relationship both Tom and Ada share and we are so pleased we were able to accommodate both of their needs. It’s very rare to see mothers and their children together in the same care home, and we certainly want to make their time together as special as possible.”

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Man Struggles To Say “Baked In A Buttery, Flaky Crust” And His Blunder Has The Internet In Splits

“I just couldn’t remember my lines,” Jack said. “A few more minutes, and it would have been murder. Every time I looked over she had that look in her eye.”

Then something unexpected happened—the outtakes of the commercial were shared online, and people couldn’t get enough of the hilarious couple! It seems that Jack’s blunders and Sonja’s expressions of frustration struck a chord with viewers. The restaurant got more business because of it, and now Jack and Sonja are minor celebrities.

“People say we’re famous, and I don’t like that. We’re just ordinary people,” said Jack. “Kids come up to me and say ‘Baked in a buttery, flaky crust’ and then say ‘Ha, I got it!’ I say it in my sleep now. And I still screw it up.”

“Hundreds of people have come up to us,” said Sonja. “Some folks from Arizona called in to order a chicken pie, and they said it because of us… What amazes me the most is teenagers. I met four boys in their 20s here, and they come up to me and asked if they could have their picture taken with me. I thought they were kidding, but they said ‘No ma’am, you’re so popular. We really want to have our picture taken with you.’ I couldn’t believe it.”

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Customer Notices Server’s Bad Teeth So Instead Of Leaving A Tip, He Rushes Waiter To The Manager

Brian Maixner works at the Doo-Dah Diner in Wichita, Kansas, and he is known for greeting every customer with his bright personality and his contagious smile. But, even though Brian always offered his smile, that smile was marred with painful dental issues that started with a chipped tooth which was never repaired. It was such a shame that someone who is such a bright light in his community had his light dimmed by something cosmetic.

One day, attorney Fred Boettcher was having lunch with his daughter at the diner when he noticed Brian and his wonderful personality. Brian’s attitude made a huge impression and Fred approached him at the hostess stand and offered to pay for all of his necessary dental work. The total would come to more than $25,000, but Fred was happy to pay for it so that Brian could have the smile he deserved.

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Nintendo Surprises young boy With A Switch after he donated his Wii to grieving local police department after an officer was shot

A special little boy receives a surprise after donating his Nintendo Wii to officers during tough times.

Brady Duke, 7, donated the gaming device to the Wausau Police Department to help officers cope with the loss of a colleague. He did this after the Mar. 22 shooting spree in the Wausau area.

On Tuesday the Wausau Police Department posted on its Facebook page that leaders from Nintendo Co., Ltd. contacted the department and wanted to surprise Brady.

“Nintendo asked Chief Hardel if we would help deliver a brand new Nintendo Switch game console to Brady and his family,” said the post.

Several officers and Congressman Sean Duffy went to Brady’s home to give him the surprise.

The Facebook post ended by saying, “Let’s all follow Brady’s example and continue to look for ways to be a positive influence for others!”

Love at first touch, blind coupl get 3d printed copy of their unborn babies ultrasound

Love at First Touch: Blind Couple Gets 3D-Printed Ultrasound to Help Them Feel Their Unborn Baby

by Maya Chung

12:50 PM EDT, April 12, 2017

Playing Love at First Touch: Blind Couple Gets 3D-Printed Ultrasound to Help Them Feel Their Unborn Baby

Ana Paula Silveira and Alvaro Zermiani, both legally blind, were nervous when they found out Silveira was pregnant.
The Brazilian couple began to contemplate the magnitude of not being able to see their unborn child on an ultrasound and form that bond with their son, but with the help of modern technology, they were able to experience their baby in an entirely different way.
“My major concern was not only not being able to see on the ultrasound, but I also didn’t know if someone else would really be able to describe to me what my baby looked like,” Silveira told
That all changed, however, when they were offered the opportunity to have a 3D-printed ultrasound, through GE Healthcare’s technology, at an institute in Rio de Janeiro.
Dr. Heron Werner, a Brazilian obstetrician and gynecologist, is the man behind the idea that helped Silveira and Zermiani meet their child through an ultrasound that they could feel.
“With the 3D printing I didn’t have to rely on someone’s description. I could have something that was real and I could see in the way I am familiar with,” Silveira said.
GE Healthcare’s Voluson E10 is the first ultrasound system in the OB/GYN field to have a 3D printing capability built directly into the system.
“There was a 3D-printing project going on in 2007, where Computed Tomography was being used to image fossils and mummies at the National Museum of Brazil,” Werner said. “I thought, ‘Why not use this technology to print fetuses?”
In 2012, Werner started providing the service for visually impaired women, free of charge.
“There was a TV interview with Dr. Heron about his work,” Silveira said. “I wasn’t pregnant yet at the time, but my husband and I kept the idea in mind for when it happened. One year later when we found out we were pregnant, we managed to get in touch with Dr. Werner who agreed to follow me through my pregnancy stages.”
Dr. Werner provided three ultrasounds for each trimester of Silveira’s pregnancy that the couple was able to take home with them.
“As you know for blind people, touch is really important and Dr. Heron provided an experience that we otherwise could not have had. It was life-changing,” Zermiani told
The couple’s son, Davi Lucas Zermiani, is now 3 years old and they often show him the ultrasound of himself, which he loves.
“He knows it’s a model of him and we explained to him why it was made,” Silveira said. “He’s proud of it and he shows it to his friends.”

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Nurses grant dying man final wish: a cigarette and glass of wine watching the sunset

A man has been granted his dying wish of a cigarette and a glass of white wine by staff at a hospital in Denmark.

According to a post on the hospital’s Facebook page, Carsten Flemming Hansen, 75, was found to be terminally ill after he was admitted to hospital with an aortic aneurysm and internal bleeding.

Predicting it would be a matter of hours or days before Hansen died, the hospital decided not to operate and instead granted the patient a “dignified” death.

The nurses at Aarhus University hospital decided to defy regulations that stipulated no smoking on the hospital’s grounds and wheeled Hansen out on to a balcony where he smoked a Green LA cigarette and drank a glass of cold white wine while watching the sunset with his family.

In its Facebook post, the hospital said the nurses in Hansen’s ward and his family agreed that in this situation, his last wishes were more important than treatment, prevention and smoking rules.

“It was a very cosy and relaxed atmosphere,” said nurse Rikke Kvist. “Of course there were relatives also affected by the fact he was going to die, and they were sad,” she said.

The hospital’s Facebook post has received almost 70,000 likes, more than 4,500 shares and thousands of comments.

Ontario man, giving home away for free, paying the cost of food and vet bills, to ensure his animals are taken care of properly.

A Smith Falls, Ontario man has a very interesting reason as to why he wants to give away all of his farm and land.

Sunday, April 9, 2017, 5:57 PM – This is the kind of offer you can’t refuse.

Stephen Overbury is giving away his waterfront farm, including four barns, a 1830s beautiful stone home, some equipment and a vehicle, “ABSOLUTELY FREE OF CHARGE,” according to a Kijiji ad he posted earlier this week.

The 62-year-old’s farm is located near Smiths Falls in eastern Ontario. Overbury is looking for the perfect person to take over his humble abode as he is planning on moving back to Japan where he lived for about 15 years, according to CBC.

Why has he decided to give away his fortune instead of selling it?

SPRING IS HERE: With La Niña helping shape global patterns what will Canadians expect from spring? Find out with The Weather Network’s 2017 Spring Forecast | FORECAST & MAPS HERE

“[Selling] is conventional thinking, the prudent way of thinking about yourself and what’s best for yourself,” Overbury told the news agency. “By selling the farm, first I’d have to dispose of the animals. And a number of them are older, and a few are special-needs. And that’s what I call reckless abandonment.”

Here’s the catch: you have to be an animal lover and not afraid to get your hands dirty.

Overbury will pay the cost of food and vet bills for the array of animals on the farm including, cows, chickens, ducks and sheep, according to CBC.

“The catch for assuming usage of this stellar property, make no mistake about it, is HARD WORK and total COMMITMENT to making use of the property and showing a genuine interest in animal welfare,” the ad reads. “Here, no animal is killed. I am vegan oriented but you need not to be of course as long as you live and let live. And THINK GREEN.”

While the farmer briefly looked into relocating his animals, he told CBC that it would take “decades” to find the right home for each one.

Overbury has received hundreds of offers so far, the news agency reports.

If he can’t find the perfect candidate, Overbury plans on staying in Ontario. However, he has high hopes that the right person will come along.

“It’s not a matter of giving [the land] up,” he told CBC. “I never had it, as such. We’re but custodians of real estate, [which] is my philosophy, my own personal philosophy,” Overbury added.

“And I know that somebody else coming in, that’s the right fit, will treat the animals with compassion — and I’ll benefit from that comfort.”

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Insane Clown Posse Accused of Plagiarizing ‘Chicken Soup for the Soul’

A young man smiles to his father.  He drew a picture and waited each day for him.  The young man also found some worms to go fishing with his old man.  Each day, the child would do something new to impress his dad.  One day, the young child, now a man, went off to war.  His father asked him to return safely.  But, he didn’t.

In But You Didn’t, a son speaks to his father.  Written by Ohio poet Stanley Gerbhardt, the poem shows a boy who grew up into adulthood neglected by his father.  He dies after going off to war.  But You Didn’t appeared in A Second Helping of Chicken Soup for the Soul.

Now, Gerbhardt claims that Detroit hip-hop duo Insane Clown Posse stole the lyrics.

According to the lawsuit, Insane Clown Posse member Violent J (Joseph Bruce) used the poem without permission.  In 2007, Violent J uploaded a video on YouTube reading the lyrics, pretending it was his.  One commenter caught the copyright and wrote,

The term ‘Juggalos’ refer to Insane Clown Posse fans.  ICP fans had previously posted comments praising the poem as well as Violent J.  Some fans said that the poem made them cry, and others called it “deep.”

“this makes me strait up cry evry time i litsen to it and it makes me think of what could happen all my juggalo familie and what could happen to my GF cause i could never stand to lose her she is the love of my life.”

[email protected] man this touched my heart and it makes me think about the bad things ive done and how i wanna get ridnof them and start over and fix evrything and show my fammile that  i love them.”

According to the Detroit Free Press, Stanley Gerbhardt copyrighted the poem in 1993.  In the lawsuit, he asked a federal judge to have the video pulled down immediately.  The poem can be freely found online.

You can watch the video Violent J’s Poem below, still available on YouTube.

In a first, women judges head all major High Courts in India

NEW DELHI: In the male-dominated world of higher judiciary, there is a silver lining — women now head the four major and oldest high courts in Mumbai, Delhi, Kolkata and Chennai.With the appointment of Indira Banerjee as chief justice of the Madras HC on March 31, women created history by heading the four historical HCs, which were among the first few created in colonial India. Madras HC has six women judges, including the chief justice, while there are 53 male judges. Bombay HC is headed by Justice Manjula Chellur , who first headed an HC on September 26, 2012. She became Bombay HC chief justice on August 22 last year.Incidentally, Bombay HC has the highest number of women judges, 11, against 61 male judges.The number two in the HC is also a woman, Justice V M Tahilramani. Delhi HC has been headed by Justice G Rohini since April 13, 2014. The HC has nine women judges and 35 male judges. Here too, the number two is a woman, Justice Gita Mittal.Calcutta HC has been headed by acting chief justice Nishita Nirmal Mhatre since December 1 last year. But this HC has a poorer women-to men-judge ratio — 4 to 35.Among the 632 HC judges in 24 HCs, there are only 68 women judges, a mere 10.7%. There is just one woman judge, R Banumathi , among 28 judges in the Supreme Court.