As we make our way through the different seasons of life, it’s hard not to feel bogged down by the shoulda, woulda, couldas. Reaching any new age raises doubts and questions, but doesn’t have to be any less inspiring. Attitude at any age is everything and 90-year-old Dorothy Williams from Hilo, Hawaii, USA, is about to show us that – tassels included.

“When I get on that stage, I want to prove that you’re never too old to follow your dreams,” says Dorothy, as she makes her way across the stage for her audition on America’s Got Talent. She may be arm in arm with host Nick Cannon, but she is very mobile, and you’re about to find out that she’s got a very rockin’ bod to match too!

Dorothy tells her story and says she’s been dancing since she was 17 years old when Franklin Roosevelt was president back in 1943. She wanted to pursue show business, but ended up working in a supermarket for 25 years! For her entire life, she’s dreamed about being a star. Wearing a red feather boa around her neck, a long red, lace dress and a white poufy hat and lacy armbands, Simon chats her up. Dorothy goes on to explain she’s never had children, and married late in life before becoming a widow after 11 years. Simon asks her what she’s got in store today, “I’m going to dance” is her reply. The crowd applauses. She takes a deep breath and then goes on to start her show.

She sings a few words, “Just let me entertain you, and we’ll have a real good time, yessir. We’ll have a real good time…” before the burlesque music starts to play. Yes, low, jazzy, slow-sounding music begins to play, and Dorothy starts to suggestively move her hips. She is vivacious and fearless, and the crowd in is awe. She reaches for her waist, and next thing you know – bam! Heidi says, “It’s coming off…It’s coming off…” A member from the audience says, “Whoa!” It’s safe to say that out of the thousands of ways this performance could have gone, no one thought this 90-year-old woman would go this route.

And it gets better, but you have to see it to believe it. Dorothy really pushes the envelope, but everyone loves it. She is unabashedly herself and doesn’t care that it took her this long to get here because she’s here. She’s made it, and Nick Cannon slams the Golden Buzzer to prove it.

Click the video below to watch Dorothy in all her golden glory.